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Top-level consultancy is the result of people in top shape. People who are given responsibility for their projects and successfully complete them. Professionals who know how to enjoy great hobbies and 32 days of vacation a year. Professionals who don’t want to be just a cog in the system, but who choose JooS Consulting, a Belgian company where everyone really counts.


Fascinating projects and challenging roles. And at leading companies, no less. Sounds impressive, we know. JooS Consulting sees to it that as a professional, you have the opportunity and skills to grow. But also, that you don’t have to grow if you’re happy already right where you are. Although we should warn you: the training sessions given by colleagues who have been in the business for over ten years never fail to inspire.


No overtime at team JooS, we promise. No getting rid of emails on Friday afternoons, but going out to dinner with friends or quality time with the family. On top of that, you get 32 days off with us, ideal for taking that big trip and exploring the world! JooS watches over its consultants by having open conversations and consulting with its clients.


Everybody knows happy employees perform better. A win-win for the team and you as an employee. That’s why we love a positive atmosphere during working hours, and of course at our JooS events.


JooS professionals work at top organisations, for big clients and well-known brands. They make decisions, defend them and go that extra mile just because they can. Without anyone having to guide them. Because JooS professionals always have a strong sense of responsibility and ownership.

Meet our people

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