Credit management

JooS Consulting, a Belgian consultancy agency with many high-profile companies and strong brands among our clientele. On their behalf, we take care of all finance and accounting matters – from bookkeeping to cash management and everything in between. Or rather, that’s what you take care of, as a credit management professional. Together with the staff of our client’s finance department, of course, with whom you form a team.


Income and expenditures are the basic elements of any company. And they also form the basis for your projects. Because, as a credit management professional, you take care of our client’s cashflow. That means you are thoroughly involved in the invoicing and claims processes, credit decisions and KPIs. This enables you to propose concrete points of action that will put the company on track for success and keep it there. If there are any questions from the employees along the way, then you will be there – as an expert in the credit & collection process – to answer them.


Your greatest asset is your knowledge of the trade: you are outstanding at performing financial analyses and converting them into points for action. That’s thanks to your analytical mind and problem-solving ability, of course. You even love numbers so much that you’re always able to convince others of the solutions you propose. And you can do so fluently in Dutch, French, and English, both spoken and written.


A project lasts an average of 10 months. And then you’ll move on to our next client. So you can expect plenty of variation, lots of opportunity for learning and above all, lots of new challenges. But no worries, you’ll also get plenty of extra instruction and training. And naturally, a salary commensurate with your efforts, together with a company car and an insurance package. And a fantastic JooS team, of course.

Sounds like a plan?



As soon as we receive your CV – via LinkedIn, at a job fair or via our site – we’ll get started with your application. We’ll give you a call and get to know each other during a brief but to-the-point conversation of about a half an hour. Are we on the same wavelength? Then we can arrange a date and time for you to come in to meet us face-to-face.


During our first meeting, you’ll get to know a little more about our way of working. And we’d like to hear what you have to say, too. Not to talk about the weather, we’ve probably already done that to break the ice. But rather to hear about your competencies, language skills, motivation, salary and availability. You can go over your technical skills with the loyalty manager. And then you’ll have the chance to let everything sink in a little.


Are we all in agreement that we’ve found a match? Then we’ll call you with the good news. Any further questions? This is the time to ask them. Because shortly, we’ll be expecting you to come in to discuss your contract. And before you know it, you’ll be assigned to one of our clients for your first challenge. Good luck!

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