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You put a lot of thought into choosing your finance consulting partner – and rightly so. Because you’re looking for solid solutions. And because you want a partner who’s accurate and reliable. Well, you’re in good hands with JooS Consulting. Our talented finance professionals are at your disposal any time you need them: temporarily, or for a longer period, for operational support or just advice. But what if you’re not yet sure what exactly your project will entail and how long it will take? That’s fine as well – we would be happy to discuss it with you.


Consulting is not a neatly defined product that you can just pick up off the shelf when you need it. Or a formula that you can extract from a system. You need real people, living and breathing individuals. And you can be sure that JooS professionals will contribute just the right vibe, with a warm group spirit and a people-minded culture. As if they were your own co-workers.

The perfect

JooS professionals spend the majority of their time on-site at your office. And not only that, you’ll feel like they’ve always been there. Because our professionals are so well matched with your corporate culture that they’ll instantly pick up your processes. So your company and employees can continue to focus on their core activities. And on growing your business.

Your partner
in all areas

Since way back in 1998, JooS Consulting has been at your service, providing help and advice for your finance processes. Together with our affiliated companies, we see to it that the perfect professional is assigned to all of your projects. And we do so from our headquarters at the Antwerp University Research Park in Niel – the ideal location for our many clients in the Benelux region.


Are you looking for an interim manager who can keep your department or business going for a specific period? Waterfront knows exactly what kind of candidate you need.


Supply Change

Do you want to finetune and support your supply chain processes where needed? You’ve come to the right place with Supply Change.

PZ Onsite

Payroll, recruiting, training & development, compensation & benefits… You’re in good hands with PZ.

We are united

JooS Consulting is part of the United Consulting group. We were the first business unit, founded in 1998. And in the meantime we have developed as a group into a proud market leader in Belgium with over 500 consultants on board.

Our ambition is to create the ideal working environment for our professionals. So we offer each of them challenging projects, individual coaching and training on the very highest level. In addition, we continuously strive for the right balance between professional development and valuable leisure time. Because for us, personal growth is a top priority. #weareunited 

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